The Invasion of Packaged Food

Welcome new blogger, William Kwan. William is a teenager currently attending David Thompson Secondary.  He likes to write in his spare time and is passionate about helping the environment.

It’s kind of scary how the once sacrosanct ritual of the home-cooked family meal is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  As our consumer-driven society indulges increasingly on microwave dinners and fast food orders, our innate connection to the environment diminishes because we no longer have the need for fresh, locally grown produce.  What’s special about the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project Society is that it not only fills empty stomachs with much-needed nutrition, but also carries on the age-old tradition of organic eating.  I fear for the day when being able to prepare delicious meals from natural and healthy ingredients is a rare privilege.   

Of course, eating clean isn’t always easy.  It’s hard to resist the cravings for M&Ms and Doritos even after you’ve made your New Year’s resolution.  No self-help platitudes can substitute for the sheer willpower and sense of purpose it takes to change your eating habits.  Deep down, we’re all naturally lazy in one way or another and maintaining the status quo is the easy way out.  Luckily for us, Mother Nature provides a myriad of undeniably convenient foods which make perfect snacks for people on the go.  Even the busiest person in the world can’t claim to have no time to peel a banana.

With the world catching on to the problems associated with a highly processed diet, many are on the perpetual search for the next magic pill that will rectify their years of gluttony.  The food industry has definitely responded to the pressure; it seems like everything we eat these days has a “low-fat” or “sugar-free” counterpart.  Yet numerous health issues continue to surge despite the introduction of these new health foods.  According to Statistics Canada, the obesity rate of Canadians has nearly doubled between 1978 and 2005.  Could it be that all we really need is a good-old helping of fresh grub from our local farm?

Think of the thousands of pounds of fruit the VFPT harvests and distributes every year.  We’ve got a whopping supply of food growing right here in BC, and a lot of it is going to waste.  I say, let’s start eating it.



2 responses to “The Invasion of Packaged Food

  1. Great blog William! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  2. Hi William, I’m with you too.

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