Volunteer Updates: week of July 18

  • Pick Leader Training Tuesday/ Wednesday this week, South Vancouver
  • Looking for Drivers on the West side
  • Help make phone calls to Tree Owners

Read on for details… and if you don’t want to miss a volunteer update, email Erica at coordinator@vancouverfruittree.com.

Pick Leader Training

Are you interested in becoming a pick leader??? Its a great opportunity and a fun way to gain valuable leadership experience! You would be responsible for picking up equipment (in a coop car provided by VFTP), meeting volunteers at the location and guiding them through the pick, filling out pick report forms, delivering fruit to our community partners, and returning the equipment.

We will be holding a pick/pick leader training this week. It will be on Tuesday or Wednesday evening in the area of Fraser & 49th. If you are available and interested in participating please contact me for details.

We’re looking for drivers!!
We have partnered with Savoury City and are selling apple galettes at the West Side Pocket Market in Kits. We’re there every other Thursday from 3-7pm. I’m wondering if anyone has a vehicle and is available to help transport the galettes and equipment from Savoury City (Fraser & 23rd) to the market (7th and Vine). So we’d do two trips, one at 2:30 and another at 7pm. The next market date is July 28th.

Again, please let me know if you available.

Calls to Tree Owners
We’re hoping some folks are able to donate a bit of their time to help us phone our tree owners. We’re just looking to touch base with them and see if they would like to continue working with VFTP and if so, when they think they’re fruit might be ready.

And as always, please let me know if you are aware of any fruit trees in your neighbourhoods! We’re always looking for new tree owners. You can print this flyer and put it in the owner’s mailbox: VFTP Fruit Tree Owner Flyer 2011

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at coordinator@vancouverfruittree.com if you have any questions or are looking for some additional information.

– Erica


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