Waiting for Cherries

cherries in Vancouver

Cherries are here!

I came home from work on Friday to find three big containers of cherries waiting for me! I’d been watching our trees – one was showing very little fruit and the other…well, it had lots of fruit but it was waaaay up there for only the birds to enjoy. Or so I thought! Our trees are 30 years old and over 30 feet tall. Of course, most of the cherries are in the top 10 feet – well over ladder and even picking pole reach. Hence my amazement at seeing all these cherries in my kitchen!

Some have gone to the neighbours and some I’ve dehydrated but there’s still a big container left. I’ll give it to my neighbour who is skilled at all things food preservation, and let her give them the attention they deserve. I didn’t ask my husband Brad how he got them. I don’t really want to know, because it probably involved climbing ladders and hanging off the roof of our 3-storey complex. Since he is the primary caregiver of our small children (and was home alone with them at the time), I won’t ask, I’ll just give him a big hug for getting them for me. He knows I love cherries – but probably not more than I love him – so one day we’ll have a chat, but not till the cherries and crows are long gone.
– by Erin, VFTP Pres

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