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Ethanol as Fuel – Fruit Project

Sean Isles is an entrepreneur in Vancouver and he sent the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project information about his new project working with ethanol. Ethanol fuel can be made from anything that has sugar in it, like fruit that is so far past its prime that no one wants to eat it or cook with it. He writes, “Ethanol is a good replacement for gasoline as fuel for cars.  It is carbon-neutral because the carbon that enters the atmosphere from the car’s exhaust has been taken out of the atmosphere during the prior growing season when the plant used it in photosynthesis.

It can be produced locally, unlike gasoline – have you ever heard of a back-yard oil refinery?”

Sean wants to see whether it’s feasible to make fuel alcohol on a community scale.  One of the requirements is a supply of feedstock, like waste fruit.  He’s hoping to partner with the Vancouver Tree Fruit Project Society to turn waste fruit into fuel and will keep VFTP informed about the performance of the fuel in small engines.  As locally-made fuel proves itself, he’ll invite members of the community to test the fuel in real-world driving conditions, then use the momentum generated to build a larger plant that can turn waste into fuel for everyone. Continue reading

Logo Design contest + food security x 2

The Wilting LOGOS Re/design Competition

The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project and the Grandview Woodland Food Connection have promoted food justice, food sharing, and community building in Vancouver for many years. We were so busy working in the community….  that we forgot to update our logos. So we are launching two logo design competitions and seek your creative ideas.            

Wilting logos design competition poster            

The Prize

The prize for each winning logo is a $50 Farmers Market voucher (or cash) – and the joy of seeing your logo on our websites and publicity.

The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project is a community-based registered charity dedicated to harvesting and sharing fresh local fruit in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 12 years, we have harvested over 35,000 lbs of fruit and redistributed it to community partners – including daycares and neighbourhood centres.

 The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is a neighbourhood organization dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of those of us who are struggling in the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood by promoting an accessible, just and sustainable food culture for our community. We seek to build capacity of the neighbourhood through education, information sharing, and the creation of grassroots initiatives to address food security and food justice issues.

Submission Format

Each submission should include the following information and should be sent to either: or

1. High resolution print-ready scalable vector format (such as portable EPS, SVG or Adobe Illustrator AI), or PSD.
2. JPEG or PNG thumbnail with a resolution of 640 x 480.
3. Design concept / description.
4. Submitter’s full name and email address.

Deadline for submissions is July 30, 2011

Stone Soup Festival

Join the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project at the 16th annual Stone Soup Festival, a celebration of food, art, environment and community, including farmers market, food vendors, local artists, community groups, talks and workshops, live music, children’s activities, free soup and more!

More than ever, people are aware of the issues of food security, the benefits of sharing resources and eating ‘local’. Stone Soup will celebrate the diversity of food in our neighbourhood, the environment and it’s importance to the culture of our community.

Features Of This Year’s Festival Include:

Growing Chefs!: Gardening WorkshopFor children 6-10 yrs and parents-Vegetable examinations, seed explorations and taste tests, then plant a seedling to take home.
Location: Al Mattison Lounge (55+ Centre)
Workshops at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

Laura Bucci Handmade: Drop-In Collage Button Making WorkshopLocation: Family Activity Room
Time: 12-5pm

Henry Charles: VPL Storyteller In Residence-Food Stories from the Musqueam PerspectiveLocation: Britannia Library
Time: 1pm

Buen Provecho!Digital Storytelling Intergenerational Food Project
Location: Britannia Library
Time: Ongoing 12-5pm with Reception: 2:30pm

DixieStars: The Stone Soup StoryStorytelling and Music
Location: West Kid’s area
Times: 2 and 3pm

Saturday, May 7, 2011 Noon-5pm
Britannia Community Centre Site/Napier Greenway
1661 Napier St@Commercial Drive
Vancouver,BCV5L 4X4

For more information: (604)718-5800/