We are looking for volunteers to support the 2011 season. Bring your creativity and we’ll support your efforts and ideas! If you don’t see a role listed below, contact us: we welcome any community involvement and support, in any capacity.

Fruit Pickers: contact us at info@vancouverfruittree.com to sign up for our mailing list. Volunteers receive regular updates about where and when the next ‘tree pick’ is happening.

Tree Owners: you’re the reason the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project exists- get in touch with us about your excess fruit at info@vancouverfruittree.com.

Fruit Drivers: Drivers are key to getting our equipment and fruit to and from the picks. Contact us at info@vancouverfruittree.com if you’d like to drive fruit and from the trees to the community partner. We reimburse for gas.

Bike Cargo Trailer Team: Want to help pedal a big cargo bike to deliver fruit and equipment? We were donated a beautiful bike trailer in 2010 to transport fruit and equipment to and from fruit picks. Help us be pedal powered in 2011 and reduce our carbon footprint.

Transportation Champion: Whether by bike, car co-op, or borrowed wheels we need to move fruit from donors to people in the community that need it. You’ll connect with people including local car co-operatives, businesses, vehicle dealers and our new cargo bike team. Most of the work is from May to August during the busiest harvest times. This person works closely with key VFTP members.

Website: We need a range of experience to continue developing our website. Get in touch with sam@vancouverfruittree.com to join the communications team. The position is on-going throughout the year.

Social Media and Blogging: We’re looking for writers about food security, urban agriculture, nutrition, sustainability to post to our blog. As well we’re looking for more people to coordinate our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites. Contact sam@vancouverfruittree.com to join the communications team.

Fundraising Champions: As the Fruit Tree Project grows, so do our financial needs. 
You’ll help us liaise with local businesses, research and write grants, communicate with donors, and plan creative fundraising projects. The work is shared between multiple VFTP members. Busiest times are June to October.

Events Coordinator
: Know how to throw a good party? Last year we had a band at the opening June Season Kick-Off and the November Harvest party was low-key event at Rhizome Cafe. The events can feature art, music or other performances and activities- we want to have fun and bring people together to celebrate the spirit of the Fruit Tree Project. 
Time commitment is wide open.

Welcome/Inquiries Coordinator: Help the Project put its best face forward with new volunteers. This position answers email inquiries and helps new people get connected. 
Time commitment: full season commitment from June to October and can be done at any time of the day. 
You’ll work closely with the Operations Coordinator.

Public Outreach: Enjoy making connections? The Fruit Tree Project does outreach at food-related events like the Main Street Autumn Shift Festival. All promotional materials are provided. Creative ideas for outreach welcomed!
 Time commitment: minimal, with most events occurring on weekends between June and November.

Equipment Maintenance: Are you good with your hands? We’re looking for someone to give some TLC to our picking poles. Access to and knowledge of carpentry and/or welding and/or sewing equipment is valued, but not necessary.
 Time commitment: minimal, with the bulk of the work in June/July and October/November.

Workshop/Skill Share Leaders : Do have skills to share? We are looking for people to lead workshops on themes that relate to the Project. Some ideas include canning, fermenting, cooking, and vinegar making, and we are enthusiastic about any workshop or skill share relating to local produce and food security. We are looking for people to lead and/or organize these workshops.

Corporate Engagement Liasion: Fruit picks are a great team-building opportunity for corporate work teams. This is an exciting way that the Project has been forging new relationships and broadening its community profile.  Time commitment: busiest between June and October.

Can you think of something else you could contribute to the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project? What about dropping off flyers at houses with fruit trees in your neighbourhood… offering translation services…. teaching a pruning class… teaching a grafting class… a new logo … we’re open to all and any ideas.

3 responses to “Volunteer

  1. Hi!
    I just found out about your charity and would love to find out more about the opportunity as a picker or a pick leader.
    Every summer I pick fruit for our own consumption and I love picking. Well, this would give me an opportunity to combine my passion for picking fruit with what you do for the community and to support your cause.
    I can send you my resume, if you would like.
    Wilma Fuchs

  2. Athenaise Guertin


    Id like to volunteer as a fruit picker/distributor. I can do art work. I know how to make soap and Im learning about candles. I m involved with community gardens, and free kitchens.



  3. It’s great to hear from everyone interested in volunteering, and we contact everyone individually.

    Please continue to email info@vancouverfruittree.com (or another email) for a prompt answer from the VFTP.


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